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Registry Information

Registry Administrator

Rae Agency / Tmi Jere Paajanen
Runeberginkatu 17
00100 Helsinki
Business ID: 2296682-6

Registry Contact

Jere Paajanen [email protected] 050-3206538

Purpose and Basis of Processing Personal Data

Registered: Potential customers and website users. Processing Purpose: Inquiries received through the website. Processing Basis: The legitimate interest of the registry administrator.

Information to be Stored in the Registry

Email address Reason for inquiry

Regular Sources of Information

Potential customer information is obtained with their consent during website visits or other personal or digital interactions.

Data Disclosures

Information is not disclosed to third parties outside of Rae Agency for marketing purposes.

We have ensured that all of our service providers comply with data protection legislation. We use the following service providers: Google email services

Transfer of Data outside the EU

Some of the aforementioned service providers may backup data outside the EU/EEA area to the United States. We have ensured that our service providers have joined the Privacy Shield program between the EU and the United States.

Registry Protection Principles

Only certain predefined registry administrators can access and use the data contained in the registry. Only certain predefined registry administrators can access and use the data contained in the system.

This document can be updated by publishing a new version on this website. Rae Agency is only responsible for the privacy practices of the website.